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Services / Do you want to sell your property?

Services / Do you want to sell your property?

Trust us your property!

You have a good reason to decide to sell or rent your property. Trust your property to a real estate specialist, so the mediation will have a successful outcome. 
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At VON POLL REAL ESTATE we stand for reliability, professionalism and discretion with a focus on the work of our expertise real estate agents.

From the first viewing, in which the VON POLL REAL ESTATE broker will give you all his/her expertise advice, to the signing of your contract, VON POLL REAL ESTATE will stand by your side. 

The selling of a property is a complex process that involves many small steps. Take the first step in this process and opt for the sale or rental of your property through a professional and reputable broker who will create an individual marketing concept, which can draw on an existing international Web client base, and will accompany you personally up until the signing of the contract.

Our Services for you

  • A strong brand consecutively awarded in Germany.
  • Nationwide network of professional and competent property consultants with more than 300 shops and 1,200 employees of professional and competent consultants with extensive experience.
  • Market report of your region which offers an overview of the price development in the property market.
  • Code of Ethics: All VON POLL REAL ESTE employees sign a code of conduct, which determines their actions towards customers.
  • Personal contact that keeps you informed about the current status of marketing activities.
  • A large customer base with many bookmarked and personally known interested parties, where your property is presented specifically.
  • Professional creation of different visual presentations (photos, video, etc.).
  • Support for the proper preparation of your property for pictures and sightseeing, by our Bestformleaflet and Home Staging.
  • Energy certification consulting: We can provide you with contacts for your energy certificate.
  • VON POLL REAL ESTATE marketing world: BEST LOCATION, Europe's largest real estate and lifestyle magazine, BEST VIEW, our in-house, high-circulation newspaper, regional real estate catalogs, ads in regional and national newspapers etc.
  • Your property can be published on more than 50 real estate portals.
  • Presence in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and on our award-winning website.
  • Utmost discretion in the mediation of your property through our Secret Sale process.
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